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Entry #1

I am going to drive you into a new dimension!!!

2011-09-10 14:06:20 by discojohn

HOLY FUCK! Are you ready to elevate into a new state of consciousness!?! I am ready to help you, and if you are reading this, please keep in mind, we are all the universal consciousness of the holy God which exists and if you are going to read this with all your little friends, tell them, that we are all connected by divine powers. I love you, and if you are ready to achieve something powerful and great, please, do not hesitate to follow God. You are one with God, and together, you shall accomplish awesome things!!!


- Z -


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2011-09-10 15:00:39

ok then.


2013-01-16 17:11:52

Please stay away from me. Kthxbye.